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Something has brought you here. I truly believe our paths have crossed for a higher reason. My name is Daniel Matallana and I'm a Colombian healer, wellness consultant, and meditation teacher. I've been blessed to travel and study with great teachers, from Amazonian shamans to clinical psychologists and Buddhist monks. I'm currently based in Qatar, Middle East, where I work as a corporate wellness consultant. My passion is helping conscious humans like you own their power and shine their light. Together we can create a new world of kindness, peace and abundance for all. I know you're ready so take a deep breath and let's dive in!

Why did I get into self-development, meditation, and spirituality?

Here I am in my early twenties. Yes, I had a giant afro. I was cool on the outside but suffered from deep insecurities and anxiety. Something happened back then that transformed my life. One evening, I was cycling in my home town in Bogota, Colombia. The city was quiet, chilly, and calling me with its magnetic pull. 


Suddenly, I saw a suspicious man come to me and I knew something wasn't right - but it was too late to turn around. I had no choice but to keep going and pedal harder. The criminal was short and robust. We collided as in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Time seemed to slow down although the scene must have taken less than a minute: I fell to the ground, received a resounding blow to my back (stabbed with a screwdriver), got up, and bounced back onto my bike, kicked the robber and pedaled away.

The adrenaline rush numbed me to the pain from the stab under my left shoulder blade. Only one thought hovered like a mantra in my head as I pedaled away: "I hope it’s not too deep." I kept pedaling until I found a neighborhood store where there was a big mirror. I went inside to look at myself. I took off my jacket and realized that my torso was soaked in blood! Perhaps it was the strong contrast of this image (or the fact that my left lung had been pierced) that caused me to lose my breath and stumble.  

For a moment I felt lost and hopeless. I wanted to inhale deeply but each breath made the situation worse - it was an awful feeling. Suddenly, the air stopped being air and became a sharp sword that cut inside me while my lung was flooding with blood. I was about to suffer a respiratory arrest. 

But right there, as death opened its huge arms to me, the impossible happened: from a quiet corner of the store, two angels appeared to save me. Hidden behind their table, a couple of nursing students were enjoying a well-deserved Colombiana (a local soft drink) after finishing their shift at the neighborhood hospital. They approached me with compassion and told me a white lie: "The wound is not deep." They were trying to reassure me but the truth was it had been a very delicate wound – unless I received proper medical attention, I had 20 to 30 minutes left to live.  

When I started passing out, these two angels put me in a taxi and took me to their hospital. Thanks to them I received immediate attention; I was transferred to the emergency department where I had a quick and painful surgery. There was no time to apply anesthesia due to the impending respiratory arrest. I suddenly found myself on the operations table, with doctors and nurses trying to fix me. My body felt like an old broken Volkswagen. I was aware of every sensation during the surgery: they had to sew the wound on my back, cut me open on the side and insert a tube between my ribs to drain the blood that had flooded my lung. Everything was so surreal that I couldn't do anything else but remain silent. 

Suddenly, I had an intense revelation. Everything froze in time and I was able to savor a piece of eternity during those minutes when my body was totally torn between the fragility of life and the absolute certainty of Spirit. I could feel every fiber of my being infused with golden light. I was free from time, space, and any form of suffering.  

My soul rose above my body and saw myself from a higher perspective. Everything was covered in light. The doctors and nurses, all of them appeared like angels, blessing me with their healing hands. I could see and feel the light rushing through my body, into the fragile tissue of my lungs. This was the moment of truth I had been waiting for - a spiritual awakening. I realized that life is a miracle and each breath is a gift. That we are all swimming in a sea of sacred light. The operation was a success, and needless to say, I survived.  

Why am I telling you this story? Because this is how I discovered meditation. It took me 21 years to understand that there is nothing more beautiful and ecstatic than taking a deep mindful breath. You don’t need a near-death experience to realize this truth. Anyone can become aware of the miracle of peace hidden within – RIGHT NOW. Try this out with me. Imagine this is the first time you’re breathing. Become aware that, without your breath, you wouldn’t be able to live. Take a long and gentle inhale as you receive the gift of life. Exhale giving thanks and relaxing into infinity. 

I believe gratitude played a huge role in my healing process – luckily, my lung recovered quickly. I could have built resentment and anger but, instead, I felt so much compassion. To this day, I give thanks and pray for to the man who stabbed me. Thanks to him I stepped fully into my purpose and became a meditation teacher – my trauma became my biggest blessing. Since then, I’ve made a commitment to spread joy, healing, and awareness to as many people as I can.


Over the last 10 years, I've become a published author on Amazon, earned my Masters in Dance Psychotherapy, attended countless retreats, visited sacred sites, and coached people from all walks of life. My guided audios, retreats, and courses have inspired thousands online through Insight Timer, the world’s largest meditation app. I don’t say this to brag but to impress upon you that meditation is a universal practice - anyone can close their eyes, look within and connect to a source of peaceful energy, regardless of their background or culture. But, as with any other skill, you need to practice, learn from those who are ahead of you, and integrate this wisdom into your everyday life. That is the purpose of my work and what I offer. To discover how to live with greater joy, energy, and mindfulness.  

So, sign up, take a deep breath and let’s dive in. 

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